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Not Everything Is Winning!

Group Sessions for Sport Coaches

Top Performance Coach Program (TPCP)

Building strong professional athletes is strongly dependent (but not only) on the coaching style of sports coaches. Sports coaches spend more time with the athletes than their parents, family and friends. Hence, they even might know them better than anybody else, especially when the athletes start the sport at a very young age and spend several years with the same coach. This indicates a great responsibility for each coach in dealing with kids and young adults. Moreover, the responsibility lies also with the sports club to ensure that the goal of the coach is streamlined with those of the athletes, the parents and the club.


The Top Performance Coach Program (TPCP), a service from MentalFitnessMe, is a self-development and mental training course for sports coaches and is taught by Selma Köhn. The course delivers long-term solutions to modify as well as update the coaching style, approach and mentality of sports coaches. Furthermore, each attendee will be equipped with respective mental training tools that they can integrate into their training, competition and individual instructions. 

​The course is conducted in cooperation with sports clubs.

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Individual Sessions for Sport Coaches

Your Energy Counts!


As a sport coach, you have a huge responsibility towards your athlete. You surely know that anything you do directly reflects on your athlete and very often, this happens without you realizing it, resulting in an undesired outcome, different achievement or even conflict between you and the players or even parents. This means that being aware of your own attitude and behavior is crucial for your success.

So, controlling your energy is as important as steering the energy of your players. When you change your beliefs, thought and behavioral patterns, the dynamic to your environment will change too. 

MentalFitnessMe supports you in this process.

Read what others have to say about their experience with Selma here.

Or contact her directly by clicking here.

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