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When Dreams Become Reality...

Guidance for Parents of Athletes

...Reality Can Get Rough!

As parents and with all good intentions, you usually want to support your child in their life. This in itself might be demanding as your behavior reflects on your child in ways you might not comprehend. And having a child who is a professional athlete, the challenges you face as a parent become even more magnified. Your influence on your offspring immediately impacts their performance during training and competition. Very often, when you think you are supporting, you might do the opposite and unknowingly put more pressure on your child. This is where conflicts can arise and misunderstandings can happen. 

MentalFitnessMe, founded and owned by Selma Köhn, knows about the important role parents play in the development of a professional athlete and tackles the issues between parents and athletes and/or between parents and coaches; steering them in the right direction. In a guidance session with Selma, you get to not only understand the relation between you and your child or coach, but also your very own dynamic.

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