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Individual Sessions

Control You Inner Voice!

"You idiot. You are so stupid. You can't play." Is this voice all too familiar to you? Does it appear especially in critical moments? Do you fail because of it?

Then you need to learn to handle this voice and make it work for you instead of against you. As much as you train your techniques, strategies and muscles you need to train your mental muscle too. Being mentally fit means being in control of the chatter in your mind - at any moment. And here, Mental Coaching comes into play. It is already an integrated part in the development of any professional athlete. 

In her one-on-one sessions, Selma uses different methods tailored to the specific needs of each client. She shows you where your blockages are, supports you to overcome them and provides you with the tools to get into your zone when needed and  remain focused on your goals to deliver peak performance.

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Courses for Athletes

High Performance Athlete Program (HPAP)

Winning competitions is highly connected to the control of mental abilities and emotional challenges. Hence, building and maintaining strong mental toughness as well as emotional control is crucial for becoming a high-performance athlete. Furthermore, having a strong personality is necessary not only to bring athletic performance to higher levels but to become and stay a healthy and strong adult.

The High-Performance Athlete Program (HPAP), a service of MentalFitnessMe, is a course about mental toughness, mental training and self-development taught by Selma Köhn. It caters to the specific needs of professional athletes. Over the course of three months, the participants learn how to control their inner voice, inner state and overall energy to become mentally and emotionally fit. Training and maintaining the mental muscle is as important as training skills, techniques and body. 

They say that you can't get different results if you apply the same methods. In most cases, athletes are not aware of their inner dynamics that stop them from breaking through and reaching the top. Most of our beliefs, thoughts, emotional and behavioral patterns are automated and steered by 90% of our subconscious mind. HPAP aims to enable the athlete to discover, overcome and change these patterns. Mental and Emotional Fitness is a profound part of the overall performance of any professional athlete. 

HPAP provides a platform where athletes can become not only national champions but also strong personalities. The course is mainly executed in cooperation with sports clubs. 

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