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Selma Köhn is a Sports Mental Trainer, Mental Coach, Kids and Teens Coach and a Transformational Therapist. Selma works with different cultures, age groups and a diversity of topics. She is specialized in working with Athletes starting at the age of 10 as well as with Sports Coaches in various fields.


Selma has a broad experience in coaching individuals as well as teams from different sports - such as tennis, squash, artistic skating, swimming, synchronized swimming and basketball - in supporting their mental game and pushing them forward to achieving their goals.


Amongst her clients are several high-ranking athletes and prestigious sporting clubs in Egypt. Having been an athlete herself, Selma understands the nature of both mental struggles and motivation an athlete is faced with on a daily basis. Selma is German with roots in Egypt. She is continuously kept abreast, and on top of latest techniques in her field of work and works with the German, English and Arabic languages.

With MentalFitnessMe, Selma realized her dream to offer a customized service for the sports field. When working with athletes, sport coaches and even parents her focus always lies on the relationship someone has with themselves. Her philosophy is that we live from the inside out. This also comes through in her course for athletes and sports coaches where she passionately teaches self-development and mental training tools. Selma is determined as well as highly committed to supporting her clients in every way possible towards achieving their goals.

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  • Sports Mental Trainer, Academy of Sports, Backnang/Germany

  • Kids and Teens Coach, IPE, Berlin/Germany

  • Several studies with Tony Robbins, Florida/USA

  • Transformational Therapist trained in RTT, Marisa Peer Method, London/UK

  • Alternative Practitioner for Psychotherapy, HPA, Lübeck/Germany

  • Intuitive Coach, MATRIX2POINT, Mallorca/Spain - Berlin/Germany

  • Studied several Self Development Programs, Mindvalley, Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia

  • NLP Practitioner, Lucid Training, Cairo/Egypt

  • Attained several certificates for coaching, training & healing, China, Germany and Egypt

  • Master of History and Philosophy, NRW/Germany


  • Gezira Sporting Club, Cairo/Egypt

  • Maadi Sporting Club, Cairo/Egypt

  • Palm Hills Club, Cairo/Egypt

  • Fastlane Swimming Academy, Cairo/Egypt

  • LUC Métropole Water Polo, Lille/France

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