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MentalFitnessMe is founded and owned by Selma Köhn. It provides mental coaching and workshops for athletes, mental training and self-development courses for sports coaches and guidance for parents of athletes. 

In sports, there is always a 50/50 chance of winning or losing and very often, both contestants are equally good. But what differentiates one from the other is control over their minds. This is where you need to be mentally fit. It is where mental coaching comes into play. In the same way you train your techniques, strategies and muscles, you also need to train your mind. Mental Performance is as important - if not more important - as Game Performance. Being mentally fit means that you are able to control your thoughts, your inner voice and your emotional state - at any moment. Mastering this leads to mastering your overall performance, which enhances your chances of winning the game. ​


Already an integrated part of various sports internationally, mental coaching has proven to be essential in the successful development of a professional athlete. Brain studies now reveal that thoughts produce the same mental instructions as actions. Mental imagery impacts many cognitive processes in the brain, such as: motor control, attention, perception, planning and memory. So the brain is getting trained for actual performance through mental coaching. It has been found that mental practices enhance motivation, increase confidence and self-efficacy, improve motor performance, prime your brain for success and increase states of flow – all relevant to achieving the best version of you.

Services for


Coach the Champion.


Learn mental training tools and optimize the performance of your player. 


Win that Trophy.


Train your mental muscles and make it to the top. 


Support your Child.

Receive guidance during the mental coaching process of your young athlete. 


Our team started working with Selma (MentalFitnessMe) at a very crucial time late 2020- early 2021, especially in a year when everyone is going through a lot of concerns due to the global pandemic we are facing. 

Also speaking on our behalf (Gezira Water Polo Seniors Team), our club is going through major changes & renovation. Our swimming pool is not available for training nor hosting matches and therefore, we are training away from our club and playing all our games at rival’s pools. This is another major factor and a burden on all of us (Coaches & Players). We want to work on our goals, but conditions are not going our way. All that puts us under pressure and stress trying to find ourselves, how we’re going to deal with all these circumstances, yet get the best out of ourselves. 

from left: Hassan El Kordy (Team Captain), Sherif Nasr (Head Coach), Selma Köhn (MentalFitnessMe), Ahmed El Sherbini (Assistant  Coach) - GSC Water Polo First Team 

MentalFitnessMe helped our water polo seniors team face and fight all these challenges. As a team we were struggling finding our feet after winning two consecutive Egyptian Leagues. The team was at a state of comfort zone. Players thought that winning and continuing this behavior or streak was easy, and that things will go their way no matter what. 

However, things weren’t going the way players thought it will. Players attitudes and performances were going down the hill, and this when things had to change. Selma (MentalFitnessMe) stepped in. 

Selma’s introduction to the team was accepted differently. Some players were very eager to meet Selma and excited to see what she can offer. Other players were kind of shy and wanted to stay inside their shell. While other players were resisting and trying to sidestep from the idea. 

Due to Selma’s experience, she had no problem dealing with the different types and mentalities of players we have. Thanks to her knowledge and skills with other athletes in different sports, Selma knew how to deal with our team. Selma understood how to handle our players, some players in a tough way to get the best out of them and other players with a different school, a slow and steady relationship until the players gained trust in her. 

After a couple of sessions with Selma, the majority of the team were engaging in sessions. Players started understanding and believing in the idea of breaking their inner shyness and breaking through their comfort zones. The team started standing on its feet again, players were opening up to each other again, coming to training more motivated and still hungry to win. 

The attitude and the performance were catching up again, and session after session, the team climbed back and started finding purpose. Even though the team may have not reached its peak level in that short time, the team was at a very good state of mind, as they knew their strengths and kept working on themselves. They also knew their weaknesses and made sure to overcome them. 

This is how the team was able to clinch the 2021 Egyptian Cup during the past few months and now they are focused on the Egyptian League. 

Thank you Selma. Thank you MentalFitnessMe.

Ahmed El Sherbini Gezira Water Polo Seniors Team Assistant-Coach 

WhatsApp Image 2021-06-24 at 3.18.08 PM.jpeg

"By working with Selma/MentalFitnessMe we greatly improved our communication as a team, inside but also outside the water. We learnt how to respect and appreciate each teammate for who she is and avoid any miscommunication. 

In a team with 11 different nationalities and as many different cultures and languages, improving our communication was a crucial part of the work that led us to become the French national champion for the 7th consecutive time.

We thank Selma/MentalFitnessMe very much and looking forward to continue our work with her in the upcoming season."

- LUC Métropole Water Polo - 
Champion of France, Lille/France

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